D i g g i n g  D e e p  

A Silicon Valley non-profit helping young people cope emotionally with serious illness


Design a brochure, web graphics, posters, ads and leave-behinds to be distributed at trade shows and hospitals and coodinate with the look of their existing journal for kids.

D e z i g n K i d z

A company providing creative enrichment programs for kids in design and textile-related subjects.


Create an entire brand identity package including name, tagline and logo design, and apply it to a wide variety of ads, signage, packaging and promotional materials. Develop a web site that reinforces this brand image and provides functionality for payment and registration, a gallery, etc.

Los Altos Art Docents

A non-profit group of trained volunteers who provide art instruction in the Los Altos School district K-6 classrooms.

Challenge: Increase awareness of the program in the local community and at school-site events to encourage recrutiment and foster support.

Solution: Leverage the existing logo and iconic red apron worn by the docents in a series of recruitment posters, a mural on the district office building and large-scale signage suitable for indoor or outdoors display at relevant events.

The recruitment posters feature artwork from program's curriculum along with copy that extolls the personal satisfaction derived from being a docent.  

painted mural  (6ft by 9ft)

tri-fold brochure

recruitment posters

recruitment posters

tri-fold brochure

recruitment fliers

tri-fold brochure


business cards


M a r g o l i n  &  

A s s o c i a t e s

A small PR and Communications firm looking to attract new clients and new industries

Challenge: Rebrand the company to communicate the menu of services offered as well as the virtual nature of the agency.

Solution: Created a new logo that emphasized digital collaboration, new web site graphics and an 8-page brochure that could be delivered digitally or by mail,

outdoor signage for events


trade show signage


Shadow's Edge

An gaming app designed for teens dealing with serious medical issues

Challenge: Design a tri-fold brochure to appeal to teens and caregivers that captures the feeling of the game

Solution: Leverage the existing logo and garffitti imagery and use blocks of colored spray paint to set apart text blocks.